Welcome to Partitions: What Are They Good For? 

We are an international research network comprising cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and comparative research on political partitions across a wide historical and geographical span.

Partitions and reunifications contribute greatly to our experience of contemporary life as we witness the waxing and waning–the expanding and retreating– of Europe and the political unrest in the Middle East and South Asia. The paradoxical process of partition reinforces at once both the material and ephemeral nature of national borders.This network aims to arrive at a fuller understanding of the relevance of nation-states, communities and belonging in a transnational, global world. We believe this brand of collaborative and cross-cultural study of partitions will shed new light on the subject while also engendering more nuanced understandings of the multiple meanings of democracy, nationalism,freedom, plurality, borders, inequalities, mobilities and multiculturalism.

We intend to develop this website into a tool for promoting collaborative research on comparative partitions throughout the life of this project and beyond.

In 2013-14, we are organising three symposia in order to set up high quality comparative and interdisciplinary research on politically partitioned countries and to promote excellent single discipline as well as cross disciplinary scholarship in literature, history, sociology, law, and politics on the topic of national partitions. You can find out more about the symposia, and our other activities on this website.

We very much hope that you will wish to take part in the network and its activities. For further information, please contact the convenors at partitions@cardiff.ac.uk

Professor Radhika Mohanram, Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University

Dr Anindya Raychaudhuri,  School of English, University of St Andrews