Community Events: Stories of Partition

Stories of Partition

6-8pm, 3 June 2013, Butetown History & Arts Centre

Listen to a trailer here:

Hear stories based on ordinary people’s experience of national partitions during the 20th century.

The stories come from the Indian sub-continent, partitioned among scenes of savage communal violence in which millions died at the end of British rule in 1947; Bosnia, which experienced a brutal civil war following the collapse of Communism in the 1990s; and Germany, which was partitioned into East and West between 1945 and 1990.

Stories include: “Where Did She Belong” by Suraiya Qasim, “Peshawar Express” by Krishan Chander, “At the Sarajevo Market” by Igor Stiks and “Speculations about Jakob” by Uwe Johnson.
Stories told by:

Darshani Mehta
Johannes Laubmeler
Jernej Markkelj

Music: La Bajo Luna by Joel Frank

Presented in partnership with Dominic Rai, Artistic Director of Voices of Partition