Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Partitions, Democracy, (and Europe)

An International symposium as part of the AHRC Research Network Partitions: What Are They Good For?

Organised by
School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University
School of English, University of St Andrews

What is the relationship between Empire (globalization) and partition (fragmentation)? If ethnic/racial/religious minorities are democracy’s “other,” what is democracy’s relationship with partition? How can we begin to articulate citizenship mediated along ethnic/racial or religious sameness in partition democracies (India, Pakistan, Israel)?

How are institutions and statehoods readjusted in a multicultural Europe? What role does economics play in the partitioned states’ relationship to the EU? How is European partition different from Asian or Middle Eastern partitions? What is the role of networking over the internet and the space it generates for partitioned populations in contemporary life? How does the framework of partition resonate for the indigenous of settler-nations such as Australia or New Zealand?

Papers on any aspects related to the main topic is welcome. Please send a 250 word abstract to and a brief biographical statement by December the 31st.